The River
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The Environment

The catchment's surface of the river Alcantara extends for about 573 square kilometers; the source of the river originates between the Mounts Peloritani and Nebrodi, between the geological dominance of the Mount Etna and the Apennines (the chain of Peloritani and Nebrodi Mountains).

The river's waters reach the Jonio Sea after about 50 kilometers. The whole valley keeps an unspoiled and various natural environment, and the river mouth hosts a large number of animal species, above all birds.

From the source to the mouth there is a rich vegetation changing according to the different stretches of the river, where it is possible to admire river environments, plant formations and cultivations. There are also several aquatic species.
Dog rose in bloom with Castiglione di Sicilia in the background, housing the Research, Training, and Environmental Education Center on the River Ecosystems