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River Park and Pro Loco to enhance Alcantara's territory

Collaboration agreement signed

( Francavilla di Sicilia, 23 November 2012 )

Alcantara's promotional activities in full swing for the tourist enhancement of the territory through the associations.

An agreement protocol between the Park Authority and the Italian Pro Loco National Union was in fact signed in Francavilla in order to increase the tourist information and reception services and to better safeguard the local traditions.

The President Bruno De Vita proposes the Park as an engine of development to work in synergy with the territory, recognizing the important role of the associations and declaring himself willing to accept any collaboration that can improve the product "Alcantara".

" In particular", highlights the President, "we work for this agreement that can become a development model based on environment and ecology. We have unrivaled landscape, nature, wine-and-food priorities. We believe that collaborating with Sicily's IPLNU could immediately affect the whole territory. This agreement's purpose reflects the will to form a network able to promote the whole area".Antonino La Spina, President of the Sicilian Pro Loco Regional Committee, praises the Park's initiative that can play a significant role by involving the towns between 2 provinces, namely Catania and Messina: on this subject he addresses the mayors in order to make some areas available for the tourist information service.

In his thank-you speech Santi Gentile, President of the Pro Loco Committee of the Province of Messina, accepted the invitation of the President De Vita and gave a document realized in the last few years, where many suggestions from all over the territory are included to improve the hospitality, in order to foster the collaboration to effectively realize tourist itineraries and strategies.
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Da sinistra: De Vita, La Spina e Gentile
Da sinistra: De Vita, La Spina e Gentile
Il pubblico intervenuto alla presentazione
Il pubblico intervenuto alla presentazione
La presentazione delle attivitÃ
La presentazione delle attivitÃ
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