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Al Qantarah - Said e la Rana Cristallina

A tale to dream about, but also to learn

In Sicily there are charming and almost untouched places evoking images of the past, fantastic and mysterious events. In these unique and marvellous places which wise men have decided to protect in order to maintain landscapes and environment intact as long as possible, sometimes there are visions of a happy time despite the harshness of nature and the struggles for survival. Only the animals populating these extraordinary places preserve the memories of past tales. River Alcantara, meaning river of the bridge, is one of these enchanting places.
  • Publisher: Signorello Editore
  • Size: 21x30cm
  • Year: 2006
  • Price: 4.00 €  

Notes: Text: Riccardo Francaviglia
Drawings: Riccardo Francaviglia and Margherita Sgarlata

Regione SiciliaPAI SiciliaDistretto Taormina-Etna
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