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Nut of Motta Camastra

Nuci da Motta

It is one of the main typical agricultural products of Motta Camastra, and it is characterized by a high polyphenol and mineral salt content (manganese, zinc, copper and selenium). The polyphenol content in the oil extracted from the nuts of Motta Camastra ranges between 55 mg/kg of the cultivar Pacenzia and 86 mg/kg of the cultivar Currò.

The Selenium content is particularly high in Motta Camastra's local cultivars (100 times higher than the usual known data): this trace element has remarkable antioxidant properties and thus it helps prevent inflammatory diseases caused by the cellular oxidative stress (atherosclerosis) and some types of cancer. With a decree of July 22nd, 2004, published on the Official Journal No. 144 (18th August 2004) by the Ministry of Agricultural and Forestry Policy, the nut of Motta has been included in the list of the traditional agricultural-food products of Sicily. The famous local festival dedicated to this nut takes place in early October.

Nut of Motta Camastra
Nut of Motta Camastra
(photo by: Archivio PRFAL)
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