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Valdemone Extra-virgin olive oil - Protected designation of origin

Extra-virgin olive oil "Valdemone" with protected designation of origin is extracted from several olive tree types: Santagatese, Ogliarola Messinese and Minuta, that are present in the olive groves with a minimum percentage of 70%. The types called Mandanici, Nocellara
Messinese, Ottobratica, Verdello and Brandofino can be present with different percentages for the remaining 30%.

The production area of the olives used for the extraction of the extra-virgin olive oil "Valdemone" with protected designation of origin includes the territories of all the Park's municipalities, except for Floresta and part of Moio Alcantara and Malvagna.
Olive tree growing is the main of this kind in the considered territory, with mainly traditional cultivations usually pruned in a round shape or with no particular shapes, but always respecting the vegetation features of each cultivar.
The "Valdemone" extra-virgin olive oil must meet the following requirements before being released onto the market:
a) clear and slightly opaque look;
b) color: from green with yellow shades to olive-like yellow;
c) fruity: the smell makes the more or less intense scent of fresh olives stand out, in combination with a smell of herbs, leaves and flowers of spontaneous plants typical of the olive groves in the province of Messina;
d) taste: the taste confirms the smell with a perception of fresh olives contrasting with a light bitterness. The retronasal sensations of the Valdemone olive oil are those of almond, fresh fruit, tomato and cardoon.
e) Panel Test minimum value: equal or higher than 7 or anyways according to the law;
f) maximum acidity: 0,7%;
g) number of peroxides: equal or lower than 12 meq O2/Kg.

(photo by: Archivio PRFAL)
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